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Studies and profession:
1979..1987Study of mechanical engineering at the university of Hannover (measuring technique)
1982..1987assistant at the institute for measuring techniques in mechanical engineering of the university of Hannover
1987..1990Development engineer (acoustics) at Stankiewicz, Celle (sound isolation systems for vehicles)
1990..1996Development engineer (noise and vibration, total vehicle) at a west German automotive producer
Since 1996Technical specialist test methods (noise and vibration, total vehicle) at the same west German automotive producer

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1985Dipl.-Ing. Th. Ahlersmeyer, Dipl.-Ing. Gahlau; "Absorptionsgradbestimmung unter realistischen Einbaubedingungen mit Hilfe der Schallintensitätsmeßtechnik am Beispiel eines Kfz-Dachhimmels"; VDI-Conference "Schalltechnik '88", VDI-Report No. 678, 1988 (in German)
1992Dr.-Ing. U. Fingberg, Dipl.-Ing. Th. Ahlersmeyer; "Geräuschpfadanalyse einmal anders - einer neuer Ansatz aus der Praxis"; Conference "Geräuschminderung bei Kraftfahrzeugen", Haus der Technik, Essen 1992 (in German)
1998 P. Gu, J. Juan, D. Griffiths, T. VanCamp, U. Fingberg, Th. Ahlersmeyer: "Inverse Matrix vs. Stiffness: Lessons Learned", Conference IMAC/TES, Novi (Michigan) October 1998

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Hobby loudspeaker development:

1979..1980First theory push when reading the books of H.H. Klinger
1980..1981Second theory push reading the articles of R.H.Small. A.N.Thiele etc.
1981..1982First serious loudspeaker project (AUDAX MDH24P37RSM, AUDAX MHD12P25FSM, PEERLESS SKO10DT)Photo; groundwork for a plugable dividing network (first parts, with DIN loudspeaker plugs)
1983Participation on a contest of the hi-fi magazine STEREOPLAY with an ultra compact 6. order bassreflex system with passive radiator using the first double voice coil chassis of FOCAL (calculation with self-written program on SINCLAIR ZX81))Photo
1983..1984Several 2-way-systems with AUDAX, FOCAL and VIFA chassisPhoto
19841. small series (6 pairs) with AUDAX MHD24P45TSM, AUDAX MHD12P25FSM and VIFA DT25G5)Photo in semi-anechoic measurement room
1985Upgrade and transfer of loudspeaker calculation program to SINCLAIR ZX Spectrum
1985Large high-end floor standing monitor with AUDAX HD33S66D in 120 l 6. order bassreflex system, AUDAX MHD17HR37RSM and FOCAL T120FC(row enclousire with active highpass filter)
1985Compact (12 + 8 l) bandpass subwoofer with satellites
19862. small series of low cost floor standing box with WESTRA KW160 in 35 l bassreflex system with passive radiator and AUDAX HD100D25 (4 pairs); Measurements and Photo of 14 year old box!
Up to 1987Continuous study of loudspeaker literature from the store of the technical library of the university of Hannover
1988Upgrade of the plugable diving network with banana plugs and additional RCL parts(Photo, Detail)
19891. revision (dividing network) of the large high-end floor standing monitor
1989..1990Upgrade and transfer of loudspeaker calculation program to PC with self-developed graphical user interfaceScreenshot
1990Modular PA-system with 2*20cm bass, 20cm bass/mid and VIFA H25TG5(Photo)
1992..1993Upgrade and transfer of loudspeaker calculation program to Atari (GFA-Basic)
1993..1994 BANG & OLUFSEN like design loudspeaker made from 10cm diameter plastic drainpipe with 2x 10cm TELEFUNKEN-woofers and AUDAX TW74 tweeter(Photo)
1994Purchase of a pair of SPENDOR 20/1 loudspeakers as a result of a 1,5 year long search for the 'perfect' loudspeaker
Since 1996Development of a 1/n-octave real-time analyzer program for PCs with SoundBlaster®-compatible soundcard (SB_OCT)
1996..1997Development of a medium sized high-end floor standing monitor with AUDAX HM170G0 (30l bassreflex), AUDAX HM170Z0 (12 l closed box) and SCAN SPEAK D2905/9300 (DoppelWhopper)
1996Car hi-fi system for FORD Escort wagon with 13cm WESTRA (front doors) up to 600 Hz and VISATON FRS5 on instrument panel (above 600 Hz)
Since 1997Several car hi-fi consultations
19982. revision of the large high-end floor standing monitor (exchange of tweeter with SCAN SPEAK D2905/9700 and adaptation of diving network)
Since 1998Several consultations in the field of room acoustics
Since 1999 I document my activities on my loudspeaker homepage

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